Our Tiny Home

We completed our tiny home in October 2014 (after 14 months of building).  In November 2014 we moved it to a 1/3 acre urban farm in Reno, NV for the winter.  Initially, we planned to finish the tiny house in 4-6 months.  We realized that our goal was very short-sighted as life continues to happen in the midst of big projects.  Individually, we were pushed to look at a lot of things in ourselves.  The experience of building together has made us stronger individuals.  The amount of knowledge we were blessed to acquire in such a short time is unbelievable.  In many ways, we exceeded our own expectations.  Thank you all for your generous support and love during this process.  We could not have completed such an undertaking without many of you.  We are forever grateful!

~Nicholette & Mitchell


Our tiny house is currently for sale.  You can find out more information including all the specs here:  TH Brochure

For serious inquiries, please use the form below, reach us by email at info@ourtinyhome.us or give us a call at 775-560-9408 or 775-750-1003.

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